About us

Ogre History and Art Museum was established in 1981. The museum collection comprises more than 40 thousand different units obtained in the territory of Ogre city and the former Ogre district. It extensively depicts the cultural and historical heritage starting from ancient times till modern days. 

In the exhibition “From Bank to Museum” the visitors can get acquainted with the history of the building at 36 Brīvības street, and its transformation over the period of 50 years. Initially built as a bank of the USSR, it has lately become the home of Ogre History and Art Museum.

The exposition “Holiday-Makers in Ogre” is dedicated to one of the brightest and most legendary pages in the history of the town. It shows the recreation possibilities, the entertainments of the holiday-makers’, as well as the legends entwining the cultural and social life of Ogre from the beginning of the 20 th century till World War II. The life story of Ogre as a resort town is presented by carefully selected documents and objects, as well as their attractive artistic presentation.

Exhibitions at the museum change monthly. The thematic exhibitions are usually dedicated to different historical events but the artists, such as painters, ceramists, graphic designers, photographers and representatives of other creative professions from Ogre Municipality and the whole country, are represented in the art exhibitions.

The Museum Building

Since its establishment in 1981 till 2009, the museum was located in a beautiful summer house designed by the architect Teodors Hermanovskis at 3 Kalna prospekts. At the end of 2009, the museum was forced to move to its temporary location in the premises of Ogre Culture Centre. The museum existed there till 2016 when the local government bought the building at 36 Brīvības street and adjusted it to the needs of the museum.

The present building of Ogre History and Art Museum initially housed the Ogre department of the State Bank of the USSR. It was built according to a standard design worked out for the needs of the state bank system of the former USSR.

In 1993, the bank was overtaken by s/c “Ogre Commercial Bank” but in 2007 the Riga Regional Court declared it liquidated and closed it. The building had been abandoned for several years when Ogre Municipality self- government purchased it for the needs of the museum in 2015.

The premises were reconstructed in 2016, and Ogre History and Art Museum could start working there in 2017.